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Many Chinese People are now Learning the Divine Plan of the Ages

Due to several amazing overruling providences, Brothers Todd Alexander and Benjamin Stein were able to distribute 1,512 Chinese Illustrated First Volumes (Divine Plan of the Ages) in Taipei Taiwan during a ten-day period that ended Sunday October 28th.  The Volumes are very attractive and the illustrations ensured an unusually high acceptance rate among Chinese Christians who are engaged in their faith. Several people came back later or even the next day and stated that they wanted another copy for a friend or family member.  You can watch a couple of examples of compelling videos of recipients who were very excited about receiving the books at the following links:


Thanks to the vision of Bro. Paul Mali, we now have the First Volume translated into both Simplified and Traditional Chinese and available in boxes of 36 for worldwide distribution. Inquiries may be sent to me at Todd@ChineseBibleStudents.com we will have 1,000 Traditional First Volumes in inventory in two weeks.

They made several high quality contacts within the Christian and Jewish communities in Taiwan.  One Pastor even booked me for a return trip in April 2013 to conduct two, two-day seminars to his congregations on the First Volume.  He requested that the first day be on Chapters 5-7 and the second day on Chapters 10-12. Another leading Christian who owns eight large Christian Book stores throughout Taiwan took 36 First Volumes.  He was very complimentary of the books as well.  We also met the Publications Director from the Taiwan Bible Society.  She loved the First Volume and also the Chart of the Ages. A 7:12 video of my interaction with her is posted at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiJVUm5B5aI&feature=plcp

They conducted one five-minute public witness on the Restoration of Israel at a planned event in front of 65 people. This was very well received too and our participation set-up multiple future opportunities with the session’s organizers.

They are thankful to our Heavenly Father for sending them on this trip to deliver the Truth message to the Chinese people.  They will look for Jehovah’s continued guidance in delivering the Harvest Message to His Chinese speaking people worldwide and we appreciate the prayers and the support of the brethren to this end.

We encourage you to share this information with any Chinese friends in the JW community.  For example, we know there is a Chinese Kingdom Hall in Cleveland on Chester Ave.

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