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1914 – 100 Year Anniversary – Listen to Bible Students as they discuss this topic at the 2014 Arkansas Convention

Times-of-the-gentilesListen to this 3 Part Study by clicking here:  Select “David Doran – Convention Study on Times of the Gentiles” Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

Click here for handouts.

David Doran – Study-Gentile Times (Handout 1)

David Doran – Study-Gentile Times (Handout 2)


More notes to consider:

Luke 21:24 – “Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.”

We arrive at the date 1914 AD as the End of the Gentile Times by performing a time prophecy calculation. The word “times” from Luke 21:24 is the same Greek word for “times” used in Rev 12:14.

Rev 12:14 – “she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.”

In this prophecy each of the 3 ½ times is composed of 360 years for a total of 3 ½ x 360 or 1,260 years (The reign of the Papacy from 539 AD to 1799 AD). So each time in the times of the Gentiles is 360 years. But how many times are there? The answer is found in Lev 26, which speaks of blessings and penalties to Israel for their obedience or disobedience,

Lev 26:18 says -if you will not hearken unto me, then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.

Four times in this chapter the seven times of punishment are mentioned (see also verses 21, 24 and 28). We think the mentioning of these seven times four times alludes to the four Gentile empires that would rule over the Jews, namely, Babylon, Media Persia, Greece and Rome. Verses 31-33 refer to the land being desolate & the Jews being scattered. Since Lev 26 reveals that the number of times is 7 we can arrive at a period of the Time of the Gentiles being 2,520 years. [7 x 360 = 2,520 years]. Starting with 606 BC as the date Jerusalem was overthrown and adding 2,520 years brings us to AD 1914.

The times of the Gentiles ended in 1914 AD with the beginning of World War I. This war led to the Balfour Declaration in 1917 AD which openly encouraged the Jews to immigrate to Palestine. The World Book Encyclopedia sates, “The (Balfour) declaration stated Britain’s support for the creation of a Jewish national home in Palestine, without violating the civil and religious rights of the existent non-Jewish communities.” Page 401 of the book “Jews, God and History” states, “Between 1918 and 1936 about 150,000 Jewish immigrants settled in Palestine, speeding its transformation from desolation to fertility. Towns sprang up in the desert and boomed into cities. Villages, factories, schools and orange groves dotted the formerly barren fields from Haifa to Ascalon.”



9 comments to 1914 – 100 Year Anniversary – Listen to Bible Students as they discuss this topic at the 2014 Arkansas Convention

  • Anonymous

    or should I say pardon me, English is not my native language

  • Hi again,
    Good to remember that Paul’s ‘All things written afore time’ (Romans 15:4)for the benefit of those experiencing the end of an epoch certainly does not and was never meant to include all things as in everything! It would continually oscillate between grave astonishment and hilarious laughter if ALL were included. Just making a point here.

    So it is with the ‘seven times’ prophecy about Jehovah sidelining Nabuchadnezzar for 7 years which was fulfilled as accurately prophesied. Just because the word ‘times’ appears a few ‘times’ in other places in the bible for a variety of reasons, does not indicate some sort of linkage from God for future generations of Crossword addicts to unpuzzle.

    Here is my intro to that subject I have just added to my home page:

    – “For 50 years with Jehovah’s Witnesses until January 2008, I believed much of what they taught, certain that matters too difficult would soon be resolved by the people who had my allegiance.   Fine!
    After spending more time with my* Heavenly Father via His word, I had some matters confirmed to be true while others seemed to lack support.   This deepened over time, not because I preferred it that way, but because it was continually confirmed in Scripture.   Anyone can say that and draw their conclusions based on their own preferences.  It is for others to judge.    
    * yes, MINE, as in a utterly unique individual relationship with my heavenly Father
    One of the principal ideas I had learned concerned Jesus’ words about the end of the Gentile times in Luke 21:24, was that they terminated in the year 1914.
    That 1914 date had found an almost permanent place on this website as it did in my belief system, lingering on comfortably until very recently.
    I have now made an earnest effort to delete 1914 throughout this website except for a couple of necessary references.
    I am indeed very sorry for the inconvenience my inconsistencies may have caused, while it needs to be acknowledged that this is a work in progress as I continue to discover the realities behind Christianity’s claims.” –

    And here is my ‘Gentile Times’ page to set things straight: http://www.sanctifyname.com/gentiletimes.html
    Thank you all and try to get your heads around that.

  • I was a JW for more than 30 years (disassociated).

    I have studied the subject of 1914 probably more than most (I really believe that).

    Yet, no matter what Christ taught about dates, times and seasons, many still insist in delving into them.

    1914 is a false teaching and an entire system of worship has been built upon that foundation.

    Jesus was very clear about his return. He said at Matthew 24:42 that “YOU do not know on what day YOUR Lord is coming.” (See what Jesus said at Matthew 24:36 and Acts 1:7)

    I am utterly astounded at those who are supposed to be “in the truth” be so “out of the truth.” Jesus is the truth, not any religious organization (the entity out of the truth.”

    It has really boiled down to what Jesus has taught verses what religious organizations are teaching.

    The Most High God has commanded that we listen to His Son.

    Jesus’ words show 1914 and any prophetic date to be false and unknowable by humans and angels (even Jesus does not know).

    Yet, religious organizations are claiming to know what Jesus does not know.

    DO NOT LISTEN to “Bible Students” or Jehovah’s Witnesses or to ANY religious organization.

    Obey The Most High God in what He said at Luke 9:35:

    “This is my Son, whom I have chosen; LISTEN TO HIM.”

    • Jeff

      Hi Ron,

      I was surprised to see that the Jehovah’s Witnesses did not make much mention of the 100 year anniversary of World War 1 this year other than just a couple page article earlier in the year.

      The entire foundation of the authority of the governing body stems from their reinterpretation of 1914 from that which CTR had originally taught. After dropping Israel and replacing it with themselves in prophecy (replacement theology), they also lost some of the literal aspects of the ending of the Gentile Times that they could point to as fulfilment of the prophecy that Israel would return as a nation.

      Without this doctrine, the governing body has no foundation. Without the governing body, there are no Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    • Anonymous

      Hello Ron!
      I hope you will read my reply. I agree with the statement:“DO NOT LISTEN to “Bible Students” or Jehovah’s Witnesses or to ANY religious organization.

      Obey The Most High God in what He said at Luke 9:35“ I think You are more mature Christian than many of JW. However, i disagree with your opinion that 1914 is a false teaching.You know that there is a difference between coming and the presence.I have studied the subject of 1914 too, and I would like toread about this in my book https://archive.org/details/treegenerationsandappointedtimes.7z
      This is a book that deals mainly with the prophecies in the book of Daniel. It is about 3 and a half times, 7 times, 70 weeks and their connection to biblical genealogies. It also discusses the prophecies that are fulfilling now and are yet to be fulfilled!I hope you will read it. Best wishes!

      • Peter K. (admin)

        Anonymous – The Bible Students are NOT an “organization,” but rather an association of independent congregations with no governing body or administration other than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Elder’s are elected annually by vote of the spirit begotten congregation members. Elders do not exercise organizational control over the congregation and if we attempt to do so and develop pride, a healthy Bible Student congregation will not hesitate to withdraw their voting support at the next annual elder and deacon elections.

        You say “DO NOT LISTEN” to the “Bible Student”… Well the Bible Students are willing to listen to you dear brother. What Bible topic would you like to discuss and what scriptures would you like to present to support your point of view? We welcome your thoughts. Bible Students believe in Christian liberty. We are not insecure as we have spent our lives study the Bible and stand prepared to be corrected and learn from others like you dear brother, if you can provide persuasive and clear statements from scripture to support your point of view. God bless you.

        • Anonymous

          Nice to hear it. Sorry for misunderstanding, I was referring to JW. It seems that we have a lot in common. It is a pity that I read your reply so late. Best wishes and my pardon!

  • Stanley L.

    I was at that convention,

    It was really exciting. As a Witness I was taught that Daniel chapter four was real basis for the “Gentile times” and it never really hit me how rich the Bible is with prophecies relating to those times, some of which really overshadow it. You’ll hear Br. David state that he really feels that Daniel 4 really touches more on other things though it touches on the Gentile times in a minor way. But he did back his thoughts up.

    By the time I left I had and examined the handouts more closely at home I had my personal Bible annotated on the subject, quite a few notes. I enjoyed it and the fellowship at that convention, including meeting some brethren I only knew from phone calls and e-mails before.

    It was wonderful!

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