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New Friends of Jehovahs Witnesses APP available now for free download

JWResourcesFind app in Android Play Store or ITunes Store. Search for “Library for JW – Resources.”  Subtext “Christian Resources – Bible Truth”

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This app is a great resource for all Jehovah’s Witnesses, for those that love Jehovah, it answers a lot of questions that you might never thought about.

– Articles and Books Work Offline!!!

– Includes hundreds of Questions and Answers about History, Doctrine, Jehovah, Establishment of Watchtower, Rutherford, C. T Russell.

– Includes the majority of early Watchtower Articles as well as other Publications

– Links to Audio, Video, PDFs and many other Resources!

– FREE Book offered in mail: “Bible Students History”. Explains in details how the Watchtower came to exist and how the truth progressed


The History goes back to late 19th century when Charles Taze Russell established the Watchtower and Tract Society, started to publish the bimonthly Magazine – The Herald of Christ’s Kingdom, and then a series of 6 volumes were published that reviled all errors introduced by Satan in his agents. After Brother Russell’s death major changes happened at the Watchtower. Read more in this app to learn of our history and teachings.

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