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From Religion Section of Time Magazine: Raymond Franz Shunned

From Religion Section of Time Magazine, February 22, 1982:  

Witness Under Prosecution.  A secretive and apocalyptic sect shuns a former leader.


8 comments to From Religion Section of Time Magazine: Raymond Franz Shunned

  • Ted R.

    I will forward those to you, Sister Jacqueline so that you can post them correctly. I look forward to meeting you in person.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Ted R, Christopher just texted me and he will post it under the Raymond Franz Times magazine article. Thanks.
      Are you attending one of the conventions this year? To see conventions hit conventions then he link for see other Bible students conventions. A calendar will come up and you can see all conventions there to see if you are near any. Also Dawn has conventions listed as well as Heraldmag.org.

      • Ted R.

        I plan on attending at least 2 days of the General Convention. Because of my wife’s situation I will not be able to attend the whole thing. Unless I get re-baptized beforehand, I plan on re-baptizing in symbol of my Consecration at the General Convention. If someone could tell me which day that will be held I would appreciate it. I will try to get to other conventions as well.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          I can find out which day it is if they have set the schedule already. Normally it is a weekend day. But let me make sure.
          BTW: I heard a lecture by Dr. Stanley on Baptism today and it was interesting that he said if baptism wasn’t important them Jesus would not have done it or told us to do so. He mentioned that salvation and the knowledge thereof about Christ as the ransomer is needed first then complete immersion. Not a sprinkle etc. So he said when babies are baptized it for the parent’s peace of mind but not about Christ for the child can’t accept him as their saviour or ransomer. Even the last rites of sprinkle when one is on a death bed does nothing unless the person is lucid and aware to make the public acknowledgement. Example the man on the cross next to Jesus.
          I often wondered why there was the mention of only these two men but I think one represents repentant sinners and the other non believers in Christ or the rest of mankind, indicating both or all of mankind is ransomed. Just thinking out loud. Also I believe that because Christ died before this man that he can indeed be in the paradise of God with Jesus in heaven. Any thoughts, anyone.

        • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

          Ted R. Tuesday, July 18th,2017 is the baptism date. It is the morning session for the talk and baptism is at 11: am. You will be driven to the pool most not getting baptized will walk on campus. Women and men will wear baptismal robes. It is customary if you like to give testimony at the testimony meeting that evening.
          You might equate it with the 5 min part on the District convention called experiences, but no one scripts you. You volunteer from the audience if you desire and sit on the front row.
          BBe.Brad will make Br Peter aware of who will be getting immersed from our group. So far at least 3. Then Br. Peter will let the speaker know and he takes it from there. No 80 questions just the two. I have your number and will pass it on to Br. Brad if okay with you.

  • Ted R

    I have just finished reading “Crisis of Conscience ” and “In Search of Christian Freedom” by our dear Brother Ray Franz. I urge anyone who hasn’t read the book to read it. The book provides excellent insight into the Watchtower organization in an honest, non-slanderous manner that can help you in your own search for freedom and truth!.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Ted R, yes it does indeed. Una is looking for a PDF version. Do you have a link? If so post it for all to read.
      I got your email and maybe you can post the results for all to rejoice with you.
      It is so nice that your wife and you have reached a respectful blending of tolerance of both religious paths.
      I can’t began to imagine a divided household on religion.
      Although all of my family are witnesses I don’t live in their homes unless I visit them. Now I am visiting my son and they just left for the kingdom hall and I fixed breakfast and all for the 4 children and them and they know I will Adobe connect.
      This son refused to obey the watchtower with shunning his mother.
      Now all of my sons and I are reconciled. At the funeral for my little sister’s husband my son that was shunning me took pictures with me and we talked. The ENTIRE family rejoiced because non of them could understand him turning against his mother because 7 men in Warwick told him to do it. At the funeral/Memorial talk the brother talked about our family unity and this struck a cord with the elders present there that was shunning me. Everyone of us hugged and spoke to each other with me initiating it.
      It was so heartwarming to see those elders not encouraging the break up of families. We grew up under segregation in that area and that concept is not tolerated in those communities by the elders that ran the congregations and conventions without the influence of the watchtower society in those years. That generation is dying out but at least they will have left the legacy of not listening to the divisive attitude of the men in Warwick. I hope all continue o go well with your family.
      BTW: I have read Br. Franz books 3 times and I was from Br. Gregerson’s Circuit as a child. My fleshly brother sat on the committee of Br. Franz disfellowshiping. He walked out without signing and left the English congregations for 5 years because of this injustice. Most ex-witnesses are encouraged by all of the other ex-Jw sites to read these books.

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