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Anointed Talk

Welcome all Anointed Jehovah’s Witnesses and those who would like to talk with you!

Anointed Talk is a place for the Anointed of Jehovah’s Witnesses to talk to each other and for others of us to get a chance to talk to you.  And why not?  We have been told that no one else is listening to you.  Is this true?   The The Watchtower, 5/15/00, p. 11 says, “anointed Witnesses of Jehovah have been blessed with insight, enabling them to understand…”  (See complete quote below).  Yet to what avail is this special insight?  Does the Governing Body care what the Anointed have to say?  Do they ask for the opinion and spiritual insight of the anointed?  Sadly, we are getting reports from Anointed JWs, indicating they are being disrespected, ridiculed and made fun of.  They tell us that they are even being discouraged from partaking of the memorial.  Is it true that the elders and others just don’t believe that those who claim they are anointed really are?  That they do not respect insights of those claiming to be anointed?  Are the anointed who express a different point of view labeled an Apostate?  Is what we are hearing true?  Is this the norm or just unusual examples coming our way?

Why doesn’t the Governing Body consult the anointed?  Why aren’t they interested in their opinion?  Why is the Watchtower writing department adding more writers that are not anointed?  Are the Anointed a perceived threat to the power structure that must be diminished?  After all, shouldn’t JWs being looking to the anointed for spiritual guidance as opposed to Elders, Circuit Overseers and District Overseers?  Is the JW power structure trying to minimize and belittle their influence?  Is this really all just about power and who is in control?

We are not trying to incite the Anointed to rise up and rebel and fight the system.  The Lord’s anointed are a humble and meek people.  Yet we understand that if anyone expresses a difference of opinion, whether anointed or not, they are in danger of being labeled an apostate.   So, how then can the anointed be in any position to provide spiritual insights.  If it is only to tell everyone else to follow the organization, then couldn’t any JW member do that?  So then of what value are the anointed in the JW Organization?  It only seems to make sense that elders and leaders in the JW organization would desire, in humility, to look to the anointed for spiritual guidance.

What do you think?  What is really going on.  Let us know what you think.  This is a place to talk.  We want to hear from everyone, but especially from the anointed ones, whether presently JWs or whether you have been driven out of the organization.  Please enlighten us and tell us the truth of what is happening.  Here you can talk to each other and help each other out.

Full quote:  “Daniel 12:4 states: “As for you, O Daniel, make secret the words and seal up the book, until the time of the end. Many will rove about, and the true knowledge will become abundant.” Much of what Daniel wrote was made secret and sealed up to human understanding for centuries. But what about today?

6 In this time of the end, many faithful Christians have ‘roved about’ in the pages of God’s Word, the Bible. The result? With Jehovah’s blessing on their efforts, true knowledge has become abundant. For instance, anointed Witnesses of Jehovah have been blessed with insight, enabling them to understand that Jesus Christ became heavenly King in the year 1914. In keeping with the apostle’s words recorded at 2 Peter 1:19-21, such anointed ones and their loyal companions are ‘paying attention to the prophetic word’ and are absolutely certain that this is the time of the end.” – “The Watchtower, 5/15/00, p. 11.

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  • The organaztion to my knowledge the elders in meetings only pray for the leaders and the organaztion maybe the speaker. Never for members who are sick. I was in hosiptal once no one but elders and 2 people new i was there. In church many pray for members and take up money for people not at kingdom hall it just the faithful slave the pray for.

  • The 144000 are still being choosen from my reading of the bible. A lot of people think other wise by saying they have desire to live on earth making them self think they will live on earth. Some kingdom hall members say because they have no desire to live on earth that means they are 144000 member. Kingdom hall members many miss the whole point of what 144000 members do with Jesus they serve a kingdom that comes down to earth soon they are first. The great many come out at the end. It has nothing to do with your thinking of you love the earth or heaven. In fact you should love both heaven and earth and people and all good thing about the earth. When God talked about things not to desire he was talking about sin we all battle with. Infact we all should love our earth and the Father in heaven for given us life on earth to belong to a heavenly kingdom that one day will come to our earth.

    • Chris Johns

      We believe they are still being chosen. Where the Bible Students and JWs disagree is that the Jws believe they dedicate their lives to Jehovah with the intent if living on the earth. Jesus never taught that. Jesus came to call the Jews to heavenly glory at his first advent. They refused and some came along. Now he has turned to the gentiles to fill up the 144,000. He has never called a second group to earthly Hope’s. There is only one hope for Christian’s. And that’s to reign with him. That’s what they say the new testament is written for the anointed. There are no instructions in the bible for people who don’t partake. The JWs have said most were anointed unto the 1900’s. What changed? Their view and now these JWs believe a lie.

  • Annoymous

    My dear ones many of you have said that Jehovah has given you insight and understanding of deep spiritual truths that in fact are so far in advance of the congregation, that it may we’ll be 100 years before the society starts to print this information. I only wish peace between brother and brother, we are the blessed ones of the earth by virtue of being favored with knowledge. I believe divine beauty of a cherished Godly nature is waiting quietly and expectantly for our brothers to come to the same understanding. Because we love so much and so well we have been kindly chosen, set apart and called both holy faithful discreet and wise. These are all wonderful compliments from a beloved father Jehovah. We are better together like the Milky Way that forms a blanket in the night sky, we shine best and brightest when we shine together and are comfort to the congregation. Our test are not more than we can bare, if we know that Jehovah is being made righteous by his choosing of us when we endure unrighteousness treatment. We demonstrate our power by humbling ourselves, and allowing others not our equal in understanding to excercise the authority given them by Jehovah over us. Remember Joseph, the prophet Jeremiah, and our Lord brother and redeemer Jesus Christ, all were made to wait on Jehovah to lift them up. We work hard for Jehovah, as his household, we set our minds fixed not on inaccuracies of doctrine, or the weak tradition of men, but on the tent of God that is presiding in us, as members of The kingdom of God. Also with regard to being accused of being an Apostate, Jesus was also accused of that, in fact all who come out of the churches of this world had to apostasied in order to come into the true tent. So if you are not evil hateful or wrathful, do not become those things just keep loving Jehovah with all your heart, and keep doing all you can with your silent prayers said in your heart, so that we may all be found to be one stick, though broken in two yet all belonging to Jehovah as the work of his hands. Take your positions with your head held high, knowing in faith that the power of the most high is residing in you for a blessing to congregation. So that it may be said of you. You have mastered the song, so difficult that only 144,000 can master it. And take delight in Jehovah’s holy word read it with Joy and not fear it will never condemn you but it will strengthen you as the mighty associate Kings that you have become in association with Christ all the while remembering that Jehovah does not dwell in man made temples, but he resides with those who know his name, and his tent is with them!

  • Anonymous

    Exactly, because of apostasy from the new covenant on the part of anointed ones – in WT (religious leaders – governing… bla bla, they, instead of publicly branding other anointed as insane and stupid (WT: “A number of factors—including past religious beliefs or even mental or emotional imbalance—might cause some to assume mistakenly that they have the heavenly calling.”) . . they should help them to attain final sealing, yes, now we have now such an abnormal situation.

    No, not one faithful anointed is anymore brother with those snakes and scorpions! In fact, we are on a totally different positions now.

    Anointed sons of Jehovah, Jesus brothers are so dispersed and many of them are in spiritually bad condition and still in darkness. Surely, with good hearts, good motives, but without care and in darkness toward the whole truth. And many of them don’t understand their position, what is really going on and what they must do to be saved.

    4womaninthewilderness can explain much to you as they did it to me.

    • Rena Cifra Luecking

      Anonymous. I agree that some people , who have decided to run for the upward call and receive the crown as a king and priest, have slipped and erred in the Christian walk. They can still humble themselves and stand for the principles of the circumcision on the heart, which they are required to do, if they truly wish to be conquerers. The prodigal is still welcome home. Let us not indulge in the sin of the older brother who would begrudge a broken and contrite heart. The proud and the hard hearted can never repent and say “we were wrong”. The apostle Paul did it, Ray Franz did it, Barbra Anderson did it , Hulda did it. We stand on their shoulders. JUST STAY SWEET AND GOOD

  • I want to be a part of heaven I have gave christ every thing and wish to serve him.

  • Life is hard I have been sick I went to kingdom hall and ask if they could help and one of the elders wives turned me down told me basicly to handle my own problems. She mean to me cold hearted . This is not love. I am hurting now.from sickness in past.

  • Anonymous

    Many men aspire to become princes in the paradise even though they don’t have proper grip of the scriptures. Once they notice some one not aspiring for any recognition or position have a better grip of the scriptures this unsettled them and seek ways to discourage them from even coming to the kingdom hall and also by not giving chance to give comments. As the scripture said . There is no stumbling block to those knowing your name. We know the great God Jehovah and our logos and Lord Jesus Christ. They are perfectly capable of giving the needed strength and waiting attitude to those who love them and come to know their majestic personality. Hallelujah.

  • Seems a lot of jehovahs witnesses miss the love of christ in heart soul and mind in there lives. Elders to not have time for me any more. Maybe park Avenue bible class will win I call or send email. He has time for me I love that brother.

  • Seems a lot of jehovahs witnesses miss the love of christ in heart soul and mind in there lives. Elders to not have time for me any more. Maybe park Avenue bible class will win I call or send email. He has time for me I love that brother.

  • Gasa

    Chris. Interestingly after reading through some of Brother Russels articles he mentions 2 hopes those of the elect and those of the great company, both he felt had a heavenly hope. The elect are the bride class special possession Christs brothers the 144000 who rule with him in his government. He also adds that those would are Christians who do not live up to the high standards of the elect have a hope of also being in heaven ‘before the throne’. These he says must have existed since after Pentecost up to date. This idea of two classes from the first century sounds like a good idea especially if you accept that only 144000 are of the bride or elect. As one of Jehovah’s witnesses this would resolve our doctrinal problem with only accepting all Christians since penticost being elect and only 144000. I had summerises this point myself So it seems Brother Russel understood well and it’s was nice to read this in print.

    Thank you for your points this has encouraged me to investigate bible matters more thourghly considering historical studies from our modern history in Brother Russell.
    My point the great crowd or company is a group gathered during the last days or end of times. But he mentions the term ‘other sheep’ who make up one flock that could be the other class from first century to date. This would also indicate brother Russell’s point on those not so devoted Christian such as the issues in the congregation concerning fornication in Corinth and brothers going to worldly courts.
    Thank you

    • Christopher Johns

      Good evening,
      I look forward to our chats. He did believe in the 144,000 and a great company class. But he NEVER advocates for a HOPE of being of the great company class. How it is viewed and still viewed by the Bible Students is that we start out for running for the mark of the prize of the high calling. Those who doesn’t make it will fall into the great company class. It is never something that we shoot for.

      Here’s what russell said in the “Divine Plan of the Ages” page 240 regarding the great company class. We don’t want to shoot for being of that class.

      This is referring to the Chart of the Ages.

      “ …are represented by figure s, [Little Flock] while t represents the “great company,” begotten of the Spirit, but who have built with wood, hay and stubble—wheat, but not fully ripened at the time of the gathering of the first fruits (s). They (t) lose the prize of the throne and the divine nature, but will finally reach birth as spirit beings of an order lower than the divine nature. Though these are truly consecrated, they are overcome by the worldly spirit to such an extent that they fail to render their lives in sacrifice.“

      I don’t want to be a part of that class.

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