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From 1964 recording, hear Bethelite and Colporteur recount their experiences in the Early Watchtower

During the time of C.T. Russell, in the days of the early Watchtower,  Norman Woodworth and Russell Pollock were colporteurs going door to door full time offering subscriptions from the Watchtower and selling the Studies in the Scriptures books.  Norman later went to work at the Bethel and C. T. Russell assigned him the task of learning how to operate projectors, so that he could help to run the Photodrama of Creation.  Later, Norman and Russell became the “Frank and Earnest” on the Bible radio program and also taught in the Bible Answers television program.

In 1964, at a Bible Student Convention,  they gave a report of their experiences in the early Watchtower and the  Bible Students.  You can hear it by clicking on the links below.

History of the Early Watchtower – Part 1

History of the Early Watchtower – Part 2

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