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The Inspiring Story of Daniel in the Lions Den as told by former JW Robert Seklemian

Hear the Story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den like you have never heard it before.  This is not just a childrens story, but an inspiring tale that every adult who loves Jehovah will want to hear.  Robert Seklemian is a beloved and heart warming speaker who, by bringing this marvelous story to life, will touch your heart with Daniel’s faith and integrity.  The spiritual depth, uplifting counsel and practical lessons to be learned from this speaker are legendary.  You can listen to this amazing story by clicking on the link below:

Robert Seklemian_The Den Of Lions

You can read about Robert Seklemian’s years at Bethel and how he became a Bible Student here:

5 comments to The Inspiring Story of Daniel in the Lions Den as told by former JW Robert Seklemian

  • Iam Muslim and I read this story in Islamic history
    Our prophet MOHAMMED told us about daniel and he told his friends that they will find Daniel body in Persia
    And yes after years they found his body with Persians with no change
    After that MOHAMMED friends they Buried
    Diniel body
    Allah loved daniel

  • manoj

    this is a most heart touching story”so jehowah bless to me by ths story

  • My name is Uche Ikpa and I want to ask for permission to use this picture for my blog: The Sovereignty of God in the affairs of men. I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts: cctvcambridge.org. please, can you let me use the picture of Daniel in thelLion’s den?


    Uche Ikpa.

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