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Do you want to help Bible Students broadcast worldwide the message of the Ransom for ALL?

For over ten years, a talk radio program is trying to do just that.  It is called Christian Questions and it has been in the Connecticut radio market.  In 2009, this talk radio program expanded to the Indianapolis market and this year it is in Kentucky.  The total potential listening audience is now over 2 million.  Radio syndicators are interested in supporting and expanding Christian Questions to many other major markets nationwide.  In the meantime, it costs thousands of dollars a month to keep this wonderful witness message going and they are not sure for how long they can continue doing it.

I recently listened to the Thanksgiving Weekend program, called “Got Gratitude,” and I could not keep back the tears.  What a wonderful program.  You can listen to it and any of the other topics you are interested in from the past ten years by clicking here:.  If you would like to help support this tax deductible ministry, you can click on the “Donate” button.  In its history, Christian Questions has never asked for donations, but if they are to hope to keep this program going in 2011, they will need help.

Friends of Jehovah’s Witnesses are not directly connected to Christian Questions except in spirit as fellow brethren in Christ.  Nobody at Christian Questions earns a salary.  All donations will go to paying the radio station broadcasting expenses.  More important than donating, you can keep them in your prayers and benefit from their inspiring lessons.

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