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How to Grow in Love and Faith – Speaker Harry Wildblood

What is love?  Can we define it?  Can we develop love and grow in it?  What are the different types of love?  For which type of love should we aspire?  With selfishness being in our very nature, how can we develop selfless love?  How can we develop Faith along with Love?  Is growing in love and faith painful?  Is the pain really necessary?  How should Jehovah’s people react to their enemies?  How get we get rid of selfishness?  How does Jehovah help us to build our faith?

You can listen to the Bible Student elder, Harry Wildblood, provide some scriptural answers to these questions by clicking below.  Advance about 5 minutes into the audio to get to the beginning of the talk.

Harry Wildblood_Faith And Love

2 comments to How to Grow in Love and Faith – Speaker Harry Wildblood

  • Davina D. Bethel

    Hello thank you for your enlightening explanation of love.. can you email me a copy of the Bible copy explaining and answering the questions pertaining to love.. thank you I would like to share it with others who do not have internet access!~

    • Jacqueline

      Hi Davina and welcome, Br. Peter will take care of your request. Are you asking for a copy of the actual talk in pdf or of Bible texts pertaining to love?

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