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Meet the Early Bible Students – J.F. Rutherford called them Evil Slaves

This 45 minute video takes you through testimonials and music from the Early Bible Students of Pastor Russell’s day.  Video Clips from the Photodrama of Creation are included.  The people you see testifying are among the 75% of Bible Students who left the Watchtower because they would not follow J.F. Rutherford in his takeover of the Society and whom he labeled “Evil Slaves.”  What do you think?  Do you think these Bible Students are actually Evil Slaves?  Or do you think they are spirit filled Christians?  Just what do you think about these Bible Students?  Let us know your opinion.  You can of course comment anonymously.  (Many of the testimonies are at the end of the video.)


66 comments to Meet the Early Bible Students – J.F. Rutherford called them Evil Slaves

  • Ted R.

    A wonderful video. Is it on YouTube? Have the Brethren thought of producing DVD’s for distribution. It could be a wonderful Witness to our Holy Father and our beloved King and Ransomer, Christ Jesus. All JW’s should see this. It could help many to see the Real Truth.

  • Reginaldo Rios



  • greg (Bible Student)

    Fixed! Yay! Thanks so much! Watching now.

    • Peter K. (admin)


      Please let us know what you think of it.

      • greg (Bible Student)

        Hi Peter.

        I’m grateful to you for asking me to comment on this video. At the same time, I’m having some challenge conveying my picture in words.

        I recognize Christ in the attitudes, expressions, demeanours, and interests of the ones who made expressions in the video. These ones are undeniably similar in character to Jesus, Pastor Russell, and to many other dear ones I hold in high regard. These same ones are also conspicuously different in character and attitude than Rutherford and (most of the) Witnesses I know.

        Who would I want to imitate? Who would I want to work with, live with, interact with in close, constant proximity? Yes, these Early Bible Students! Their warmth, compassion, gentleness, caring, determination, benevolence, and love are screamingly evident, even in the brief expressions contained in the video. I feel so much love, respect, admiration, and appreciation for them all, that I’m sad I never got to meet them in person, never got a chance to demonstrate in tangible ways my caring, my eagerness to support them as Christ’s Brothers.

        Evil Slaves? The Early Bible Students are “my kind of people”. If they really are Evil Slaves as Rutherford accused them of being, then I will be thrilled to be viewed as an Evil Slave too.

        Moreover, my wife enjoyed listening to the speakers in this video. She also thoroughly enjoyed listening to the recording of Cora Sumdbom. My wife and I have always enjoyed listening to elderly ones talk about their lives, so to have an opportunity to hear first-person accounts and testimonies from person’s who knew and worked with Brother Russell, and whose very lives demonstrated the kinds of values and aspirations we share is especially thrilling for the both us.

        Thank you for collecting and sharing these gems here.

  • greg (Bible Student)

    Can someone verify the link to the video please and thank you? I can’t seem to get it to play for me. It just hangs at the loading icon as though it’s waiting for a response from the server.

    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Greg, perhaps after the services are over tonight the brothers will have time to work on this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • daniel

    dear brother i need the you tube link of this video…the link which you gave is not working

    • Jacqueline

      Daniel when I click it works. You may need to download a player of some sort. Br. Peter will see your request and make a suggestion of what is needed to play this type of video.

  • David

    This is truly beautiful

    • Peter K. (admin)

      David – Thanks. These were some wonderful brethren. Some of the last of the Early Watchtower Bible Students. We reaaly miss them.

    • Jacqueline

      Hi David and welcome, it is amazing that now the society says their is no evil slave class in the July, 2013 edition and these dear brothers certainly are beautiful.
      I also think the conversation going on between brothers on this site is healthy causes the brain to open up and think. I enjoy the freedom to be able to dig and look up info.
      Feel free to comment on any subject, there is often many subjects discussed at the same time. Just look for the names that are replying on your article and they are normally talking to you. In Christ. Jacqueline

  • Anonymous

    Whats this sound that starts from 02:08??Is it a hymn?It sounds so lovely

  • Miroslav

    Brother Peter I think film “Harvest Echoes”

  • Miroslav

    Can you please send me somehow this wonderful movie about early Bible students?

    In the Kingdom hope!

  • Hello friends!

    I’m a Jehovah’s Witness, from Brazil, but I don’t believe in the actual Governing Body of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. I have a blog, where I talk about the errors and the other side of the Watchtower Organization, to help other Jehovah’s Witnesses, like me. You can find my blog searching “Blog Zion’s Watch Tower” on internet.

    I speak brazilian Portuguese, my english is not good, but I would like to translate this video and add subtitles in Portuguese. Do you allow me? I believe that many Brazilians (include ex-JW) will enjoy. All I need are the words of the video, in English. So, I can do the translation. You could send them to my e-mail:

    I applaud your work and I wish Christian love to you.
    E. B., from Brazil.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      E.B. from Brazil – Glad you enjoyed the story and testimonials on the video. I will get back to you in the next few days with a private email.

    • Dupin

      Greetings Estudiante Da Biblia:

      Since I don’t have a spell checker on my browser for Brazilian Portuguese yet I’m going to stick to English right now. I checked out your blog and found it interesting. I hope you will stick around and participate more here, I think you may have something to add.


    • Jacqueline

      Hello my Brother! That is a nice website! I don’t speak spanish but I can tell it is nice. How did the situation go in Brazil with the billboards about JW breaking up families? Did the courts get everything resolved? Strong families are the backbone of any society. I sympathize with the Brazillian government in not tolerating religion deliberately destroying families just to push a corporation rule. I don’t know what your website is saying, it might have addressed this. But welcome, we have more on our website from Brazil and spanish speaking countries. In Christ, Jacqueline

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