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Meet the Early Bible Students – J.F. Rutherford called them Evil Slaves

This 45 minute video takes you through testimonials and music from the Early Bible Students of Pastor Russell’s day.  Video Clips from the Photodrama of Creation are included.  The people you see testifying are among the 75% of Bible Students who left the Watchtower because they would not follow J.F. Rutherford in his takeover of the Society and whom he labeled “Evil Slaves.”  What do you think?  Do you think these Bible Students are actually Evil Slaves?  Or do you think they are spirit filled Christians?  Just what do you think about these Bible Students?  Let us know your opinion.  You can of course comment anonymously.  (Many of the testimonies are at the end of the video.)


66 comments to Meet the Early Bible Students – J.F. Rutherford called them Evil Slaves

  • Alex kay

    Hello friends, I’m so excited to here, I was directed here by jw.fact. although I’m yet to fully comprehend what I am reading about the Jehovah’s organization which I belong, I am beginning to see some facts from the jw.fact as well as your website. as one of Jehovah’s witnesses presently, there are times we introduce ourselves in our house to house witnessing as Bible students, I never knew that there is a group other Jehovah’s witnesses known as Bible students. Well, as may know, we have severally been warned not to listen to apostate reasoning or read their books. But for the few days I dare visit jw.fact, I begin to see things differently. I pray I have the courage to continue in this search for the truth. It may not be easy for me.

  • Nathanial

    Hello, are there any alternative ways of viewing this video? I’m very interested in seeing it, but Flash player doesn’t work any more.

  • Terry Bernard

    I am interested in where you get this figure: 75% of Bible Students who left the Watchtower because they would not follow J.F. Rutherford

    Someone mentioned that this was in the WT literature somewhere and I sure would like to find it.

    Thank you in advance.

  • Kim Mikey

    In my humble opinion…I was a JW for the first 49 years of my life. With recent history& the child abuse problem being exposed in the news, I would say that the splinter group of JW’s are the evil slave. They have weaponized our families against us.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Kim – I am sorry for all you have suffered in the JW organization. Weaponizing families against each other is an evil thing to do. When one is secure in their faith and their relationship with Jehovah, they have the “peace of mind that passes understanding” and there is no need to persecute others in conformity with an organization. The Christian relationship should not be with an organization, but rather a personal relationship with Jehovah and his Son Jesus. Organization force conformity, whereas the Holy Spirit creates unity in the Truth organically, without force, but rather through personal honest study of the scriptures. Actually the JW Organization is a splinter group of the Bible Students Association of Brother Russell’s day.

  • margi

    Can anyone leave a comment on this site. I would just like to comment on how we found your site. I/we were JW’s for nearly 60 years. (left 3years ago) We (hubby)came across your site quite accidentally. We have a hobby of reading through court transcripts and was reading Russles divorce proceedings and came across Russles “other” corporations. I had to go to work so I asked hubby to look up what “other” corporations he had. Up piped your web site!!!! Well you can just imagine what he said. His jaw was still open when I got back from work. lol

    • Christopher Johns

      Thank you for writing. Of course anyone may post here. All believers in the Ransom are welcome as well as anyone seeking. Wow that’s a long time of being a JW. We are definitely friends of JWs. We are also known as Bible Students. We study the works of CT Russell with the Bible. We study the Studies in the Scriptures and the early Watchtowers from 1879-1916. We are not an organization with any governing body. We are an independent association of brothers worldwide. May I ask what brought you to our site?

      Christopher Johns

    • Richard.Tazzyman

      Hello Margi,I to was a witness for over fourty Years & found the Bible students in Australia where I live.I was re-baptised as a bible student in 2013 & have never been so Happy,as I now have found the truth that sets us free,& my wife and I travell to as many of our conventions in Australia as well as the USA,UK & Poland as whe are able.Would love to hear also if you are searching for the truth that sets us free,Bro Richard,Bible Student Australia.

  • Manna

    It is so so unloving to call the early bible students evil slaves.

    It shows you what kind of man J. F. Rutherford was.

    He seemed to be a power hungry man. I’m quite familiar

    with Russel and the bible students.

    • greg (Bible Student)

      Greetings Manna.

      I find it so wonderful to read your expressions. Thank you. I concur with your sentiments completely.

      Would you care to tell us a little more about yourself, or maybe how you found this website?


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