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Bible Students offer weekly topical Bible Studies for those you you wishing to join us.  The studies are Wednesday night at 7:00 pm CDT (central time).  [8:00 pm EDT and and 5:00 pm PDT]  Find information on the next upcoming study here:


Call Phone # 1-(302) 202-1110.     After connecting dial pin#: 991337

The study begins promptly at 7:00 pm Central time (8:00 pm Eastern & 5:00 pm West Coast).  It is best to call in 5 or 10 minutes early to avoid technical delays.   If you have any questions, you can contact me at BibleStudents1@GMail.com.


Our study topic will be a topical study of the Bible from Brother Russell’s famous book called “THE ATONEMENT BETWEEN GOD AND MAN” It is Volume 5 of Studies in the Scriptures.


Night:  Wednesday

Time:  8:00 pm Eastern, 7:00 pm Central, 5:00 pm West Coast

See the main website page and find the most recent study announcement for the chapter we are on.  These announcement are brought forward to the front of the home page on Wednesday morning so it is easy to find for those looking for the study questions.


The study will in some ways be similar to a college class room in that we plan on covering the material in the chapter.  So you will benefit by reading in advance and preparing.    You will find our teachings just like what they were in the early days of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, before the year 1917.  Bible Students do not believe and forcing our views on others and you are welcome to have a difference of opinion.  However, the study is not intended to be a free for all.  We intend on keeping on the topic for the first hour.  Off topic questions and thoughts (or differences of opinion that will take time to discuss) will be reserved for after the first hour. Our goal will be to cover a chapter a week, however realistically if more time is needed we allow more time the following week.


In order to keep order in the study, if you have a question or comment you can type “Q” for Question or “C” for Comment.  If you are on the phone, say the words “Question” or “Comment.”    The study leader will use his discretion in calling on each of you in an orderly fashion, but only as time permits.  In an hour it may not be possible for everyone to say all that they wanted to say.  However, we will do our best to encourage participation from as many who desire it.


83 comments to Studies

  • Anonymous

    I hate to break it to you but this is an apostate site. I’m sorry for what you have gone through, but I also Bellevue that you are not telling the whole story. Yes people are imperfect and although the Jehovah’s Witness organization is by far the most loving, organized, and bible conscious religious group, they are still imperfect and some do make larger mistakes than others. As far as the governing body being rich, I would love to see the facts that you have to prove that. Do you really think that they could pocket so many donations when they are using the bulk of it to pay for Kingdom Hall repair and construction all over the world? After reading this you almost had me question as to whether or not Jehovah’s Witnesses are corrupt, but after reading this I just realized the Jesus was not joking when he warned of apostates in Acts 20:30. I will no longer be looking at this site, and I hope that whatever misconceptions you do have about the witnesses are resolved. I hope you have a nice day.

    • Jacqueline

      Anonymous, thank you for commenting. The point is really not the richness of the governingbody as most organizations exist to accumulate wealth, that is normal business.
      The kingdom halls are built and repaired by the local congregations with volunteer labor.
      This site does not wish to take you away from your religion, it for those that are struggling with what they have come to realize about their leaders and the substitution of the governingbody for Jesus. Once they get back to Jesus and what he says and have done for mankind they can stand on their own two feet.
      The 700 club had a format like the new Jehovah witness TV format and the Mormons also. Your “Family worship day is from the Mormon religion also as one of the governingbody members roots are from the Mormons. So the governingbody is taking on formats of other belief systems and it’s followers are becoming more Mormonistic. Take Care. Jacqueline

      PS: Guy Pierce is the governing body member that came from a Mormon background and he died this year. Look up his obituary info to see his story. I could refer you to it but if you are bothered by this site the one that carries the obit would cause you damage.

    • Jacqueline

      In answer to the witnesses being the most loving organization, here are just a few of the levels of shunning instituted by the governing body.

      Remember: the word shun means “to avoid, especially persistently”.
      Level 1
      Official Watchtower policy makes extreme shunning mandatory for those disfellowshipped or disassociated. There are, of course, two loopholes:

      (1) One is not shunned if living in the same household…but this works as long as one is not kicked out of their own home (like RayPublisher was) or if the JW decide to leave as a consequence.

      (2) One may do “necessary family business”..but this is open to interpretation and obviously relations are very uncomfortable and strained.

      But for those two loopholes, a JW may not speak to the person shunned, not even to say hello. Those who do can themselves be subject to a secret trial and shunned as well.

      Level 2

      A lesser form of shunning is marking. A person has broken the Watchtower rules, but technically, not in a way where they are subjected to a judicial committee. The person being marked can be spoken to, but not associated with socially until the person capitulates. For instance, a person can be marked for dating or getting engaged to a non-JW.

      Level 3

      The Watchtower teaches that one person can individually mark another and stop socializing with them, without any official marking. A person who is seen as “spiritually weak” or with “apostate leanings” is avoided. Maybe they are given a greeting or handshake, but that’s about it. The JW who greets the one being shunned may feel they are being generous and loving. Ha!!!

      Level 4

      Even individuals who follow Watchtower rules and believe exactly what the Watchtower teaches can be “left out”. Often, it is “out of sight, out of mind”. Move to another congregation and you can be easily forgotten. And if a person is not in the “in group”, they can find themselves excluded. Of course, this is not just a Watchtower or a cult problem, but JWs are not immune from social exclusion due to not being popular for reasons that have nothing to do with religion. Due to the judgmental environment, people can be excluded with very trivial reasons.

      Shunning is so much part of the fabric of being a JW, there is so much inertia around this, that even if official action from elders were dropped, shunning would well continue. It is how JWs are taught. It is in the air they breath.

  • Anonymous

    Will there be another online forum which focus on the study of the Volumes just like the other site which existed till lately?

  • Pilar

    Bible Students seem to, in my opinion, place too much interest on the “person” of Charles Taze Russell. He was one in a line, or group of humble Christians men that God used to reveal the composite picture of Bible truth. If he had not been there at that place and time, someone else would have had that grand privilege. Remember, the Scriptures state that that God could make the “stones cry out.” We must be careful in our estimation of “people.” He was a fine man who did a fine work for God and others. Jesus told his disciples that they had only one Leader, and he was referring to himself.In At 1Corinthians chapter three, Paul counsels the disciples about giving undo importance to or attachment either himself or Barnabas. He correctly, and humbly acknowledged that he and Barnabas did what they were assigned; planting and watering. But, it was GOD who kept making it grow! He goes on in verse nine to conclude that they are GOD’s field, GOD’s building under cultivation. At Luke 17:10, the slaves were to keep in mind the proper attitude that they are good-for-nothing slaves. And that what they have done is what they OUGHT to have done. C T Russell seemed to have kept this close in heart and mind, and we, as Students of GOD’s word would be wise to keep this in our sight. He was a man who, with failings like ours, who served a grand purpose. I wonder if Bro. Russell would be offended if the Bible Student more often referred to what the Studies In The Scriptures have to say, rather than what Bro. Russell said. What are your thoughts?

    • Jacqueline

      Pilar’ hello and thank you for commenting. I personally agree with Luke 17:10 and feel that all glory and credit should go to Jehovah and Jesus and we as his servants are grateful and honored to assist him in carrying out the work of feeding his sheep. Paul, Peter and many that are asleep now have faithfully carried out this important work with help of the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for this observation.

  • max

    To revealthetruth and all;

    The Pastor! Why referred to that way? He was referred to by his associates as Pastor Russell. He was shepherding the flock. KJ 4:11,”And some, evangelists, and some, pastors and teachers.”
    Certain congregations acknowledged by vote that he was their pastor. The first in 1882. later about 500 congregations.
    Today JW,s don’t use expressions such as pastor or elder as titles.
    From JW,s Proclaimers of God’s Kingdom page54


  • humbleman

    Hi Reveal the truth and welcome. using the word apostate is a very strong accusation. I’m sure you would agree only the most High God Jehovah through his son Jesus can judge who is apostate or not. one thing i would like to point out is this. the website you are commenting on is run by bible students who have never been Jehovah witnesses. in the early days of CT Russell the bible students held the same beliefs for over 40 years. once Rutherford took charge he changed a lot of the beliefs that the Bible students still hold today as the truth. now by your definition of apostate who would be the apostate the group of bible students who had the truth or Rutherford who started teaching different doctrines ??.

  • RevealTheTruth

    I agree. This is an apostate site. First of all, none of our brothers, even when giving talks, are called “Pastors”. EVER. Second, the only publications that would be studied if this site were genuine, would be the ones printed by the Watchtower Society, not someone who claims to be a brother, but instead of teaching JW publications, he teaches his own.

    • Jacqueline

      RevealTheTruth, thanks for commenting. The person that is constantly using the term “Pastor say” is not a Bible Student.He is in fact a Jehovah Witness that wants to help witnesses on this site come back to the org. This is what he has stated in a past post. I was a witness and now am a BS. I have never heard our BS. brothers constantly using the term ” Pastor says”, it is repeated constantly by one commenter. This commenter is one of Jehovah Witnesses not a Bible Student. While we respect the role of Br. Russell in the plan of God as we respect Paul, Peter, John, Abraham, Daniel oh, so great a crowd, we do not worship or use expressions like “pastor says” over and over again. That is not a Bible Student giving the wrong impression, about this site. Thank you however for mentioning it, I had I must confess, had concern about that also and figured most of our JW friends would equate it with the expression heard often in the KH “governing body says”. We however can’t stop a person from their free expression but from time to time one of us will offer a disclamer letting other readers understand this point. Thank you my brother, God bless and continue to enjoy the Kingdom message kindly being presented here in love. Jacqueline

    • Frank

      Hi there RevealTheTruth, your comment is confusing. First of all, I’m interested to know, when were you given the right to make comments like ‘this site is apostate’? Jesus mentioned that those who condemn or stumble his little ones will be severely punished. Do the sheep belong to Jesus – or to the WT Society? That being said, perhaps you could answer another question:

      How come the publishers (worldwide) use the term “Watchtower Study” to refer to the weekly JW meeting? For years, in this town, certain elders tried to say “no, no, we mustn’t say that, it’s a Bible Study”. But still – the phrase sticks.

      Most JWs get very defensive when observers / first time visitors to the Hall say innocent things like “you people seem to give more attention to the writings of your Organization than the Bible.” That being said, if it is OK to excuse all the little peculiarities of the WT Organization, why not cut the good folk here a little slack when they refer to C.T Russell as “pastor”?

      [BTW – I’m not actively associated with the Bible Students – so you can’t suggest this is a case of vested interests]

      It never ceases to amaze me that people – who have NEVER been elders, pioneers, missionaries, circuit overseers, Bethelites, or members of the Governing Body – come on public sites, and criticize people who DID occupy those positions, and have reported on what they saw and heard in the WT Organization. The (continued) savage and unwarranted attacks on brother Raymond Franz are a case in point.

      On the broader issues, what do you think: Should a person obey his CONSCIENCE, backed by the BIBLE, or should he obey the WT ORGANIZATION?

      If obedience to the Organization is mandatory – then why did God give us both a Conscience, and the Bible?

      This is not a rhetorical question – many elders and publishers have faced this agonizing dilemma. Creditably, the majority of them have looked at the example of Peter, who, even though threatened, said: “we must obey God as ruler rather than men.”

      No-one can successfully argue that absolute obedience to an imperfect human organization is what God requires.

      This leads to further questions: are the Governing Body infallible? Yes or no?

      If Yes, then how do you account for the huge changes in their published teachings over the decades? For example, aspects of their teachings about the Resurrection have changed radically, flip-flop, over the years.

      If No – then you have to agree that there are no grounds for investigating, or disfellowshipping, people who choose to follow conscience and the Bible. And it therefore follows that what was done to Ray Franz (and the other victims) was a crime – similar to what King Saul did to the priests who assisted David. (see 1 Samuel 22:9-18)

      The history of ancient Israel as recorded in the Bible is a long, sad, and often horrendous account of people who just followed the ‘organization’ – (and its often self-appointed human leaders) – into destruction.

      Those who attempt to assert that similar things cannot happen in this time ignore the realities of human nature – and the Bible.

  • Jacqueline

    We just finished another great study. It was nice to see new ones on tonight. Next week is about Judgement Day. It is true since 2005 JW has gone back to judgment day being 1000yrs. But they have not changed their understanding of scriptures on judgement. Scriptures that they say are happenning now and at armageddon, are not. Those such as Ps. 37:10,11 will fulfill in Millenium. Many that were considered bad would change and those refusing to benefit from the ransom would be wicked and not be anymore. So next study should be a good one also as we put scriptures in their proper settings: In the world that was, the world now, or the world to come. That is how to study the Bible and have it make sense, determine the period of time that the scripture fulfills. The Booklet “How To Study The Bible And Have It Make Sense” is an invaluable aid . Ordered from http://www.chicagobible.org.

  • Jacqueline

    Tonight’s study was the study of all studys! Thanks Br. Leonard for your kind patience in helping us to understand the sheep and goat separation. You did so by breaking down each of the parables. Now we will pass it on. So sorry we called persons to late, when they logged on you were finished and time was running out, but we will pass it on. Also Br. Chris, so sorry you came on to late but it would be worth it to dialogue with br. Leonard on this, because you have a large listening audience and many will hear it. I guess by now our Brothers the BS realize that former JW love their witness brothers and wish to share the view different from what we have been indoctrinated to believe, and that it was what was always taught and understood. Somewhere along the way truth got mixed up with fanciful thinking. Thanks

  • calling all genuine bible students

    Please avoid this site, it looks genuine but its an apostate site.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      calling all genuine bible students – Sorry if we have offended you. We do not want to bring any harm to our JW Friends. Can you let everyone know exactly why you feel this is an apostate site? Pleae be specific. Why should they keep away? If you think that we need to change, we will consider what you have to say and especially the scriptural evidence you present.

    • Jacqueline

      My dear Brother, I wait on your reply to Br. Peter K (admin). But, I just want to say, if this was an apostate site I would drop it in a split second! I have done more than just write on here. I have gone deep into the association with the Bible Students. I have gone to conventions, that some BS say they have not attended as regularly. The Olde Harvest (outside), the General Convention, Chicago convention and I attend by adobe connect almost every week. The only way to know anybody is to rub shoulders with them. Have face to face contact. Some elders did just that last week at a convention, they go to the kingdom hall still but they want to see for themselves. GO! my brother and sit with them, put them to the test. They were not aware of the distress of some of the brothers trying to get out of the Sanhedrin type system of the modern JW organization. They had to listen and learn from some of us that found them, they didn’t find us. Holy Spirit got involved. These dear brothers are peaceable people, not like us, at all. These are the same teachings that the witnesses started out with but Br. Rutherford changed them, some just to be different (especially character development, he despised Br. Russell, the beard, only because Br. Russell wore one, blood and birthdays because everybody has one and you can only control the masses if they all have the controller in common. ie, wedding ring being wrong won’t work. Why? because not everyone gets married or care if they wear one, just examples to let you know.) My parents went from BS into JW and I know by experience some of the things I write about.
      I am probably the part you view as apostate, for I was a witness for over 61 yrs. Attack ME! But not the message that is helping people. Yes, by definition I sound like an apostate, but my brother this organization has treated me and others like common dogs, (some people treat their dogs better). This organization knew and allowed my nieces to be raped as little girls! I will help until death overtakes me, this wicked element is at the top. It is at the top, my brother. It is catching up and they are selling all of New york property and building bigger “storehouses” in Warwick and one other place. They need to cancel all debts on KH. and help the economically depressed brothers. They are billionaires now and in the Oct. mag told brothers not to call or write and ask them questions to search what they have written and make their own decisions. They have left the brothers out in the cold, dividing up the booty and getting out of Dodge. Attack Me and tell them not to read “Ask Jacqueline” for I admit I have not ascended and acquired the character development to the fullest like the Bible Students. BUT I TRY EVERY DAY. I am sure the brothers and sisters coming to this sight can “make sure of all things” for themselves. They will not agree with all the beliefs of the Bible Students and the BS themselves allow for different thinking on scripture. It takes a lot of ingredients to make a great pie. Thank you.
      BTW. Most JW are apostates by definition, because almost all 7million came or apostasized away from another religion. I and some others were born in it. So by definition are you from another religion or were you born in this one? In other words by definition being an apostate simply means you left what you were formally in and went laterally to something else. Jesus by definition would be one of the biggest apostates for he rejected the Sanhedrin system of Judahism that had formed at his 1st coming. So, by definition being an apostate is not neccessarily a bad thing. In a spirit of love, thinking and understanding, my brother.

  • Jacqueline

    Kent, It is so encouraging to have you attending the study on Wednesday nites. It is 2am in your country. (Sweden is it?).
    This is indeed a brotherhood where we all can ask questions and express ourselves. And by the way my brother your english is very well understood. Thanks for the encouragement you give us. Sincerely Jacqueline

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