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District Overseer Presents Horrifying View of the Terror of Armageddon

Listen to Ciro Aulicino, a JW District Overseer and member of the “Bethel family,” circa 2007, speaks on Armageddon.

He explains his own horrifying view of how Armageddon by saying, “Very soon, the greatest tribulation since the world’s beginning will come upon all those dwelling upon the face of the earth.  This is going to be a terrible time for mankind.  Our Godly fear, including your speaker, will be increased beyond measure.  We are going to be frightened friends during this time.  However, when Armageddon is over, we are going to face a … very gruesome situation (he says chuckling)… Dead bodies and dead body parts of the wicked will lie strewn accross the surface of the ground… We will not be trumatized by His (Jehovah’s) mass annihilation of these individuals.  No.  His divine execution of the wicked will not haunt us for the rest of our lives.  Rather, we will react to it… as we do when a vicious serial murderer is executed.  How do you feel about him when he gets it?  Why we will feel an inner satisfaction.  Our indignation has been appeased.  Yes, a sense of triumph that at last Jehovah’s justice has been served…”  Wait till you hear what else he has to say!

Listen with your own ears to what the District Overseer has to say by clicking here:

Listen to and read the friendlier Bible Student view of Armageddon by clicking here:

44 comments to District Overseer Presents Horrifying View of the Terror of Armageddon

  • greg (Bible Student)

    Despite promising myself I would keep the next reply short, today’s journal entry is longer still. The quoted part is short. But so many things have crossed the radar this week that the time seems ripe to bring them all into focus together.

    For example, last week the horrifying discourse at the top of this page came into focus again. And I also came across a web forum where JW’s were talking about and expressing their reactions to the many unflattering truths that are being exposed worldwide in the news and on TV lately.

    Here’s the link if you’re brave enough, or curious enough to see for yourself what these JW’s are really thinking and discussing currently. Warning!! I found it VERY painful, and quite unsettling! After reading some of their comments, I didn’t find it easy to hold onto the compassion and love I try to have towards them.


    I got to wondering, “Where is their natural affection, or their love of others? What is it going to take to wake them up, to snap them out of their learned delusions?” I realize there’s little I can personally do to change their minds because, after all, these kinds of strong delusions have been sent by God himself for a specific purpose.

    2 Thessalonians 2:11 (NKJV) “And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

    (begin snippet from my journal, once again from October 18, 2012 – I wrote A LOT that day)
    Suppose that you believed the earth was flat and I try and tell you I sailed completely around it. Since you have no reason to believe differently, you may choose not to believe me. If, to try and change your beliefs, I kidnap you and force you to sail around the globe with me, you might accept what I claim, OR you might accuse me of somehow conspiring to mislead you.

    Only when you are confronted with an experience that lies outside the scope of your understanding as explained by your current belief system are you be able to see the importance of questioning your beliefs and appreciate the need to reassess your beliefs in light of your experience. Trust, psychological safety, and the psychological freedom to question your beliefs are as crucial to the process of growth and learning as are accepting as valid (or integrating) new experiences (information) which do not seem to fit with your current understanding, beliefs and explanations. If you reject your experience, or if you do not perceive the freedom to question your beliefs, or if you feel threatened by the seeming incongruence between your beliefs and your experience, or if you do not trust the people that are sharing (or even shaping) your experience, then stagnation and/or repression occurs.

    I know this because it happened to me. I suddenly found myself living in a world where the explanations I’d been given which shaped my beliefs could no longer adequately explain my experience. I was told by people I thought I could trust to reject my experience in favour of their beliefs and explanations. Silly rabbit! That can never work, no matter how noble the intentions.

    Remember, greg: Never reject your own experiences in favour of someone else’s beliefs.
    (end journal snippet)

    Many of the experiences I (and my wife and children) have had were far outside the realm of what my JW friends and family can even bear to imagine. My theories and explanations and understanding of the meaning of my experience have therefore also grown beyond what they can presently allow themselves to imagine. My quest for answers and understanding has taken me to and through questions they cannot presently understand, nor even dare imagine.

    When it comes to liberating person’s from their “strong delusions,” the recipe is complex. Among other things they need at the very least a “readiness” to question their beliefs. There must be some internal need one sees that causes one to recognize an inconsistency, a glitch, a conflict, or a hole in their cognitive schema. For that to occur, these main ingredients are often required: 1) Dissatisfaction, 2) Information, and 3) some sort of Psychological Safety to move in 4) some other direction.

    So I believe that any given individual’s de-education and re-education process (and the timing for such to commence) is probably something usually best left to God and Jesus. I am willing to assist if it’s appropriate–meaning: if the other person expresses a welcoming interest in hearing my expression, and I am tactful, sensitive, and kind. But to brutally force new and different views on other humans is dangerous and counter-productive. At best, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” Sometimes, however, the outcome of such attempts leaves a person unable to pick up the shattered fragments of their broken belief system, unable to know what is worth believing, unable to know HOW to believe in anything.

    Because I was intrigued by the phrasing of 2 Thessalonians 2:11, I did some reading in Reprint 344 about the “strong delusion” http://www.htdb.one/1882/r344.htm If you scroll about 2/3rds down the page you can see the section beginning with: “Ques. Please explain Matt. 25:46.”

    I’d like to quote just a few lines.

    (begin quote)
    …none but a devil of worst stamp could perpetrate eternal hopeless torment and agony upon any creature. Satan has, from the first, been a misrepresenter of God’s character and word, … Oh, that all might learn to study God’s Word in the light which it throws upon itself, and not allow the creeds and traditions of men to twist and warp their minds, destroy their peace and their trust in God, by turning the Word of God into a lie.

    To what extent the minds of men may be twisted, is illustrated by the teachings of New England’s great preacher of former years—Jonathan Edwards. In preaching upon the eternal punishment of the wicked, which he said was misery and torture, he pictured it so frightfully, that some in the congregation sprang from their seats screaming, …

    Addressing the Christians present, he said: Your hearts then will not ache for, and throb in sympathy with your friends and children; you will look over the battlements of heaven and see them in that awful everlasting torture, and turn round and praise God the louder.

    What a terrible, strong delusion possessed that child of God, that he could utter such blasphemy. It was a blasphemy against men as well as against the God of love, for if there is or ever was in all the universe of God, so awfully degraded a being that he could have everlasting joy at the expense of another’s everlasting misery, that one is too miserable a wretch to be worthy even of the name of devil. If being made like our glorious and perfect Head would annihilate in this manner every spark of love, pity, and mercy, then should we earnestly pray and hope that we to his likeness should never attain. Take it home to your own heart, thinking Christian—Have you by death lost a loved and cherished son or daughter, brother, sister, father, or mother, or friend, whom you feel sure walked not “the narrow way to life”? Think, then, of what a change must come ere you could blend with their cries of anguish, your shouts of joy and pleasure.
    (end quote)

    I know how hard it is, but also how vital it is to work at patiently loving those who are currently believing “strong delusions” and behaving in ways that make them difficult to love. See Matthew 5:43-48.


    • Jacqueline (Bible Student)

      Greg, I like where you said it is best left to Jehovah and Jesus on the re education process of an individual. Romy the young lady from A&E is hosting a show on Rick’s sixscreens show. Someone asked me if I was going to direct her to the Bible student association. I asked why would I take away her voice when she just got it? Let Romy fly, she needs the help of all those calling in and she can help others who are or were in her same position of abuse. She has a voice and appears to be coping with the new interest in her life from all over. She needs a break and I am sure she can help others see it isn’t God or Christ that did this to her but the organization of Jehovahs witnesses and their governing body and it’s elder arrangements and systems.
      I hope to let my conduct be the thing my family observes as I obey the Golden Rule, “Love Jehovah God with my whole heart and to do unto others I would have them do to me”. I don’t argue with them to try to make them come out of what they have chosen. I don’t make them uncomfortable in my home. I want them to feel love when they walk through the door.
      That is what I want when I go to their home. I have also learned to provide my own sleeping arrangements so they feel comfortable when I visit in their cities. I drive back home now when I visit rather than stay overnight at witness relatives home. Other witnesses know who I am now and will give my relatives problems, so I solve that issue with them. Understanding their position has brought about peace within our family unit. I also reach out to other family that have left and love those ones, they appreciate it.

  • Has anyone written to d.o. Ciro Aulicino, asking if he mispoke? Has anyone.cited.the over two dozen.examples in the w! And g! Of children despite neimg born and raised in the religion, with upstanding baptized parents had same-sex-attracrion?

    Because the truth will continue to remain hidden as long.as nobody speaks. However, it also means having on hand this material like on http://www.Witnesses.plus.com literature page.

    • Jacqueline

      Hello Kyle and welcome. I went to the link that you posted but I don’t have the password to preview. I can however applaud and appreciate the efforts made on the site as far as I can see.
      There is a need for your site. I will not ignore your comment but will speak as best I can and I am speaking from the little I know.
      I know of a brother (deceased now) and a client that were actually born neither male nor female but both. In one congregation (that I attended) there were at least 2 individuals a male and female born absolutely with not sexual preferences. There is documented medical hormone problems that exist in this family. One of my former elders in this congregation is in this family and his daughter was affected in yet a different way than the other members, she was born without a womb but every other female hormone in place.
      I mention this so you know I understand some of the complexities of man’s fall. Some preferences are choices but not many persons would choose to be ostracized.
      Our Father, Jehovah and our Redeemer Christ will shortly correct and restore all things in perfect harmony. Acts 3:19-21 shows that heaven must hold Jesus until that time when all of fallen mankind both alive and dead (resurrected) will turn to him or at least have the opportunity to be perfectly balanced and decide.
      John 5:22 “For the Father judges no one at all, but he has committed all the judging to the Son.” Notice Who the Judge is, and he judges in righteousness.
      1Corinthians 6 chapter mentions many ones that wish to run for the upward call of the Lord but must make changes to rule in heaven with Jesus.
      Many are not able to accept such a challenge and as such are benefited by the shed blood of the Christ.
      I have a client that has a very difficult time speaking the truth, it is quite severe. Yet I know that as a little girl she was abused badly and learned before the age of 3 to protect herself by creating untruths and whatever it took to survive. She is a joy to be around as she survived and tries to live as best she can in this world and seeks help. But she will do what she can to not suffer.
      What I am saying Kyle is: We need to walk a mile or two in others shoes. I have some knowledge of this subject because also one of my clients is a leading Doctor in the field of sexology and I have learned a lot from this Doctor.
      Your site is for those only attending a Kingdom Hall and I wish you the best and may the Lord our God be with you! Your road is a difficult one to travel indeed. But take note that the father knows the secret person of the heart and the many things that have taken place in the womb and beyond. Sincerely Jacqueline
      PS. Will send the pdf copy to the email provided. And to write the DO would no doubt prove fruitless, but if you do, will you please come back to the site to inform us of the results.

  • max

    To Peter K.;

    Thank you, and yes Pastor Russell was human like us and sinned for the wages of sin is death. Rom 6:23 or 3:23 Yes he was the one who preached 1914 a good 28 years in advance. But he wasn’t the one to figure out the 2500 year prophecy. Done by several others first. Which simply means, more than one man is used by God. And I agree many have slandered him and it took four years to get some problem fixed before the books that he promised started to roll.

    • Peter K. (admin)

      Max – Brother Russell got most of his views from others. He was humble and learned from others, including the Reformers, Adventists, etc. Yes, as outlined in the famous book, “The Prophetic Faith of our Fathers,” many of these prophetic concepts were beginning to be understood from the days of the Reformers. However, Brother Russell sorted out truth and error, then put together a complete prophetic and time prophecy package which he promoted worldwide. The point is that he, more than anyone else promoted and taught the Times of the Gentiles and 1914 worldwide. So today, he is the one accused as being the false prophet of 1914, because he is given credit for it by his critics.

    • ken

      I agree max, the history of the Bible itself shows that Jehovah used many people that weren’t his servants to accomplish his purpose, e.g.,Cyrus, the babylonians,the Assyrians,various lights of truth revealed by so called members of false religion etc

  • humbleman

    We should be going for the prize that God gives. No man will reward us we should reach for the same prize as the apostle Paul after all there is only one call for a christian during the gospel age Ephesians 4 v 4-7

  • max

    To Ken;

    What prize are you going for? The one that comes with CMF, OR the one that come with those who stayed with Mr. Russell? Did not CMF break away from Mr. Russell?

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